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Social Media Packages

Show them that you are more than just a pretty picture.

We will create a roadmap of a strong social media strategy design to drive people to your website or through your doors (or both!).

Once this roadmap has been created, we offer multiple options to help you implement this strategy and help you reach your goals!

Social Media Roadmap: 3-month Strategy

INVESTMENT: $99 CAD + HST/platform | Timeframe: 2 weeks

Our bespoke roadmap inputs your business goals and current social media standing and creates an easy-to-follow roadmap for gaining exposure and creating engagement on your social media platform. Please note, this price is per platform, but the strategy could be applied to multiple platforms. 

With this package you will receive:

  • Analysis of current social media standing 

  • PDF content calendar with daily objectives

Many of our clients find that this is the boost they needed to get back on track with their content strategy. 

Roadmap Content Creation: 1 month

INVESTMENT: $3 CAD + HST/platform | Timeframe: 1 week

This package is for clients who need a bit of a jumpstart when it comes to content creation OR just don't have time to create that content OR would like to make sure their content stays consistent with their brand image.

In this package you will receive:

  • 20-30 platform-specific pieces of content that match your roadmap plan

  • Format is .jpg file

Content will be delivered to you via a file-sharing app. 

Content Creation scheduling: 1 month

INVESTMENT: $79 CAD + HST/platform| Timeframe: 1 week

Because we know how busy you can get when you own a business, we also offer content scheduling services.

In this package you will receive:

  • Your content will be uploaded and scheduled via your platform of choice

  • We will include hashtags and tags ("@") where we can

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