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Crafting Irresistible Promotions in January: A Guide for Restaurants Using Holiday Marketing

Welcome to Engaging Results, where we believe in creating impactful strategies to bring value to our clients. Today, we're delving into restaurant marketing and how leveraging holidays can elevate your promotional game. So, buckle up, restaurateurs – it's time to make your establishment the go-to spot for celebrations all year round!

This will be a monthly series - let's start the year with different ways to drive business through your doors in January!

This is a free resource - use this whole list for inspiration for your promotion calendar, or choose the promotions that are uniquely tied to your business.


National Soup Month: Warm Up with Savings

Throughout January, highlight your restaurant's best soups. Offer a "Soup of the Day" promotion or create a soup sampler platter for customers to explore different flavours, all at a special price.

National Hot Tea Month: Sip and Savor

Warm up January with tea-themed promotions. Create a cozy tea-time menu or offer discounts on hot tea varieties. Consider partnering with local tea suppliers for unique blends and share the story behind each tea on social media.


New Year's Day: A Fresh Start, A Fresh Deal

Embrace the spirit of new beginnings by offering special discounts for the year's first meal. Consider a "New Year, New You" menu with healthy options for those sticking to resolutions or a brunch special for a delightful start to 2024.


National Buffet Day: Unlimited Indulgence

On January 2, let your customers revel in the joy of variety. Introduce an all-you-can-eat buffet or create special buffet packages at discounted rates, encouraging patrons to enjoy an array of flavours.


National Spaghetti Day: Twirl Into Savings

Celebrate this classic dish on January 4 with special spaghetti-themed promotions. How about a "Buy One, Get One Free" deal on your signature spaghetti dishes or a complimentary side with every spaghetti order?

National Trivia Day: Brainy Bites

On January 4, engage your customers' minds with a trivia night. Offer discounts for participants and create themed food and drink specials. The winner could even get a voucher for a free meal on their next visit.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Dine with Purpose

On January 17, honour this day of reflection with a charitable initiative. Donate a percentage of your day's sales to a local charity or offer discounts to customers who contribute to a designated cause. Share your commitment to community engagement on social media.


National Popcorn Day: Pop, Sizzle, and Save

January 19 is all about popcorn. Spice up your menu with unique popcorn-infused dishes or provide complimentary popcorn with every order. Consider discounts for customers who show they've checked in or tagged your restaurant on social media.


National Cheese Lover's Day: Say Cheese, Please!

On January 20, cheese enthusiasts unite! Craft special dishes loaded with different cheeses or create a cheese platter paired with wine. Offer discounts for customers who share their cheesy creations on social media.


National Pie Day: A Slice of Joy

January 23 is dedicated to pies – sweet and savoury. Introduce a special pie menu or offer discounts on your signature pies. Encourage customers to share their pie experiences on social media with a dedicated hashtag.


National Peanut Butter Day: Spread the Love

On January 24, celebrate the versatility of peanut butter. Craft dishes featuring this beloved spread or offer discounts on peanut butter-themed desserts. Engage your customers by asking for their favourite peanut butter pairings on social media.


National Green Juice Day: Healthy Cheers

On January 26, cater to health-conscious customers with green juice promotions. Introduce detoxifying juice blends or offer discounts on your existing green juice options. Highlight the nutritional benefits on your social media channels.


National Chocolate Cake Day: Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

On January 27, satisfy your customers' sweet cravings with chocolate cake specials. Consider a "buy one, get one half-off" deal or offer a free mini chocolate cake with certain orders. Encourage customers to share their chocolate cake moments online.


National Croissant Day: Flaky Delights

End the month on a delicious note with National Croissant Day on January 30. Offer promotions on your buttery croissants or create unique croissant sandwiches. Encourage customers to share their croissant creations with a dedicated hashtag.

By strategically incorporating these holiday promotions into your marketing calendar, your restaurant can create a buzz, attract new customers, and keep regulars coming back for more. Remember to engage your audience on social media, share enticing visuals, and encourage user-generated content to maximize your restaurant's visibility and appeal.

Cheers to a year filled with engaging results and successful promotions! If you need assistance in crafting a tailored marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to us at Engaging Results. Let's make every celebration at your restaurant a memorable experience for your customers.

Happy Marketing!

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